Berlin Weather June: Sunny Days & Mild Nights Await in 2024

Experience the vibrant charm of Germany’s capital in early summer with our guide to Berlin Weather June. This month offers pleasantly warm days and long evenings, perfect for exploring the city’s parks, outdoor cafes, and festivals. Discover what to expect and how to make the most of your visit with our comprehensive weather insights.

Berlin Weather Overview for June

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When I think about Berlin weather in June, I imagine a mix of pleasant days and the occasional summer rain. During June, Berlin experiences average daytime temperatures around 22-23°C (71-73°F), with nights cooling down to about 12-14°C (54-57°F).

Rainfall is relatively mild but enough to give the city a fresh feel. On average, Berlin receives about 64 mm of rain, spread over nearly 14 days. This rain does not dominate the month, giving us plenty of sunshine to enjoy outdoor activities.

I love how the longer days, averaging 7.3 hours of sunshine, make exploring the city a delight. The sunlight provides ample opportunity to visit parks, museums, and outdoor events without worrying about cloudy skies. The average humidity level of 67% keeps the air comfortable, ensuring the weather remains pleasant throughout the month.

June weather in Berlin also means that mornings can start cool. Early in the month, morning temperatures can drop to 11-12°C (52-54°F) but warm up nicely as the day progresses. By late June, mornings tend to be warmer, ranging from 13-14°C (55-57°F).

Here’s a glance:

  • Average High Temperature: 23°C (73°F)
  • Average Low Temperature: 12°C (54°F)
  • Average Rainfall: 64 mm
  • Average Sunshine: 7.3 hours
  • Average Humidity: 67%

June is a beautiful time to visit Berlin, with its mild temperatures, moderate rainfall, and abundant sunshine making for a lively city atmosphere. For detailed information, check out the June weather.

Temperature Patterns in June

The sun shines brightly over Berlin in June, warming the city with its golden rays. The temperature patterns fluctuate throughout the month, creating a dynamic and varied climate

Average Temperatures

In June, average temperatures in Berlin generally hover around 23°C during the daytime and can drop to about 12°C at night. This range provides a pleasant atmosphere for outdoor activities, allowing you to explore the city’s attractions comfortably. Berlin’s June climate is known for its balanced warmth, which adds to the enjoyment of summer activities.

Historical Extremes

Over the years, Berlin has seen a range of temperature extremes in June. In 2016, temperatures soared to a high of 33°C, making it one of the hottest Junes recorded. On the other hand, the cool morning in 2017 saw temperatures dip to around 7°C. These historical variations highlight the need to be prepared for both warm days and unexpectedly cool nights.

Daily Highs and Lows

Daily high temperatures in Berlin during June typically increase from 21°C at the beginning of the month to about 24°C by the end. The mornings start cooler, usually around 11-12°C, gradually warming up as the month progresses. Occasionally, temperatures may drop to 7-8°C in the early mornings, especially in the first two weeks of June.

Berlin’s June weather is a blend that can give you a taste of spring and early summer within just a few weeks.

Weather Conditions and Daylight

The sun shines brightly in the clear blue sky, casting long shadows on the ground. The temperature is warm, and a gentle breeze rustles the leaves of the trees

Rainfall and Wind Speed

In June, Berlin sees about 64 mm of rainfall spread across the month. Rain typically falls on approximately 14 days, so it’s wise to pack an umbrella. On the windier days, you’ll notice wind speeds averaging around 14 km/h, making the cooler evenings feel a bit brisker.

Sunrise, Sunset, and Daylight Hours

June offers Berlin’s longest days. On June 1, the sun rises at 04:48 and sets at 21:19. By June 30, the sunrise shifts slightly earlier to 04:47, and sunset extends to 21:32 CET. This gives you loads of daylight – up to 17 hours – to explore the city to your heart’s content.

UV Index and Visibility

The UV index in Berlin during June is typically around 6, indicating a high level of UV radiation. This means sunscreen is essential, especially during midday. Visibility is generally excellent, often stretching to around 10 kilometers. This clarity is perfect for embracing Berlin’s stunning architecture and scenic views.

Experience the best of Berlin with this handy guide to the city’s June weather.

How hot is Berlin in June?

In June, Berlin typically experiences warm weather with average temperatures ranging from 15°C to 25°C (59°F to 77°F).

Is June a good time to visit Berlin?

Yes, June is an excellent month to visit Berlin. It offers pleasant weather, long daylight hours, and various outdoor events and festivals.

What to wear in Berlin in early June?

In early June, wear light layers in Berlin. Opt for T-shirts, light sweaters, and comfortable pants or skirts. For cooler evenings, remember a light jacket.

Is Germany rainy in June?

Germany can be rainy in June, with occasional showers. Packaging an umbrella or light rain jacket is a good idea to stay prepared.

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