What is Townio and why did we start it?

Townio is a platform crafted by Patrice, dedicated to providing carefully curated content on Berlin’s diverse facets – from renowned landmarks to hidden treasures, categorized by the seasons. We offer insights into the city’s trends and expert tips, keeping you well-informed about Berlin’s latest developments.

Our passion for Berlin is deeply personal. Patrice’s appreciation for the city’s charm began through familial influences, akin to discovering the artistry of nails. Witnessing intricate designs transformed Patrice’s perception of Berlin, elevating it from a mere location to an artistic canvas.

Townio invites you to uncover Berlin’s richness, from classic attractions to thematic experiences. Join us in celebrating its vibrant tapestry, where every facet is as unique as a perfectly manicured design.

Who am i?

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Meet Patrice, 24, your Berlin enthusiast and the heart behind Townio!

Hey, and welcome to my blog. I’m Patrice, 24 years old, and I grew up in the best city in the world: Berlin. My parents showed me the best parts of the town every weekend when I was young. Be it the TV tower, the Brandenburg Gate, or the East Side Gallery. The older I got, the more interested I became in other things—for example, the clubs in Berlin and the people. My love for Berlin continues to this day, so I want to bring people from all over the world closer to the city and give them valuable tips for their trip. Are you in?