At Townio, we are devoted to upholding the principles of genuine human expression, connection, and the preservation of original content. To maintain a space dedicated to authentic interaction, we have introduced the Anti-AI Policy.

Prohibition of AI-Generated Content

We strictly prohibit the use of AI-generated content on our platform, including articles, comments, posts, or any content influenced by artificial intelligence.

User Responsibility

Users are accountable for their contributions, and we encourage content that reflects unique ideas and experiences. Violating this policy, including using AI-generated content, will result in actions like content removal or account suspension.

Content Assessment

Our team actively identifies and removes suspected AI-generated content. Users can report such content for thorough review and prompt removal if in violation.

Transparency in Declarations

If AI-generated content is used for a valid reason, users must transparently disclose its AI origin. Transparency is crucial for community trust.

Ongoing Surveillance

We consistently monitor our platform to ensure policy compliance and safeguard the human touch in content creation.

Education and Awareness

We provide resources to help users distinguish between AI-generated and human-generated content, empowering informed choices.

Feedback and Accountability

Community feedback is essential. Report AI-generated content or offer improvement suggestions at or call +49 152 25103672.

Townio is dedicated to fostering authentic connections and creativity. Our Anti-AI Policy reflects our commitment to preserving content authenticity. Your support and understanding are valued.

This policy undergoes periodic review and updates to align with technology and community needs. Your input is vital in maintaining platform integrity. Thank you for being part of the Townio community.