Berlin to Vienna Train: Your 2024 Guide to Scenic Rail Journeys

Embark on a picturesque journey through the heart of Europe with the Berlin to Vienna Train, connecting two of the continent’s most storied cities. This guide offers essential tips on schedules, fares, and must-see attractions along the route, ensuring a travel experience as rich in culture as it is in comfort. Discover the beauty and history that unfold from Berlin to Vienna, making every mile a memory.

Planning Your Trip

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Choosing the Right Ticket

Booking train tickets in advance is the cornerstone of travel savvy. With DB (Deutsche Bahn) and ÖBB (Austrian Federal Railways), you have options like ICE (InterCity Express) and IC (InterCity) trains. 30 days advance booking can get you some of the cheapest fares, while even 7-day advance purchases offer significant savings. I always check for price transparency and availability since ticket prices can fluctuate based on demand.

  • Advance Booking: Start checking tickets as early as possible.
    • 30 Days in Advance: Usually offers the cheapest fares.
    • 7 Days in Advance: Expect moderate savings.
  • Type of Trains: Choose between faster ICE and regular IC options.

The Best Times to Travel

Travel times can affect ticket prices. I look for off-peak hours, which often translate to lower costs and a quieter journey. Going on less popular days of the week can also make a difference. The average price hinges on these factors, and while some prefer the swiftness of an ICE train, I sometimes opt for an IC, which can be easier on the wallet.

  • Off-Peak Hours: Quieter and often cheaper.
  • Day of Week: Midweek travel can reduce costs.

Taking the Berlin to Vienna train is an efficient and scenic option, especially if you strategize when to book and which train to take.

Onboard Experience

Passengers relax in spacious, modern cabins. Panoramic windows offer stunning views of the picturesque countryside. A sleek dining car serves gourmet meals

Amenities and Services

The Deutsche Bahn’s ICE (Intercity Express) trains, which often service this route, are known for their high-speed service and modern amenities. You’ll find that Wi-Fi is readily available, allowing passengers to stay connected while zipping through the countryside. For those traveling with extra baggage, there’s ample luggage space. Any traveler’s appetite can be satisfied at the onboard restaurant car, offering a selection of food and drink to make the journey more enjoyable.

Travel Classes and Comfort

With options ranging from Second Class to the more luxurious First Class, comfort is a key aspect of the Berlin to Vienna train experience. In First Class, the spacious seats and additional legroom are ideal for those seeking a more relaxed ride. On the Railjet services, you can expect particularly high levels of comfort and service. Meanwhile, families traveling with children will find that these trains cater to their needs as well, making the journey time fly by in a pleasant atmosphere.

Before and After Your Journey

Passengers board bustling Berlin train station, with luggage in hand. Train speeds through picturesque countryside, arriving at grand Vienna station

Getting to and from the Stations

Getting to Berlin Hbf is quite straightforward, thanks to the well-connected public transport system. In Berlin and Vienna, I take advantage of the cities’ extensive network of buses and trains. If I’m laden with luggage, a taxi, albeit pricier, can be a convenient option. When I land in Vienna after traveling on the Deutsche Bahn Group’s ICE train, I opt for the U-Bahn or trams, which are reliable and frequent. And worry not for those with a bike, pet, or extra baggage, as Berlin Brandenburg has made transport inclusive and hassle-free.

Additional Services and Offers

Whenever I browse for train and bus tickets, I check out Rail Europe and FlixBus for deals. They often have discounts or bundles that include accommodation or sightseeing. Also, opting for the overnight train might be a winning choice if you’re looking to save on one night’s accommodation while traveling. These rail and coach companies understand traveler needs and cater to them, from offering a space for my bike to ensuring my pet’s comfort.

How long is it from Berlin to Vienna by train?

The train journey from Berlin to Vienna typically takes about 8 to 9 hours.

How much is a train ticket from Berlin to Vienna?

A train ticket from Berlin to Vienna usually costs between €50 and €150, depending on the booking time and the service class.

Is the train from Berlin to Vienna Scenic?

The train from Berlin to Vienna is quite scenic, offering views of beautiful landscapes, including forests, rivers, and charming villages.

Is there a sleeper train from Berlin to Vienna?

Yes, a sleeper train option from Berlin to Vienna provides a comfortable overnight travel experience.

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